Signing a partnership with Zain Saudi Arabia

  • By Media Department
  • March 2, 2024

Based on the vision of Andromeda Information Technology Company to be the main provider of information technology services and to provide high-quality digital products and software development solutions in the local and global market, and in order to enhance the growth of our customers’ business and choose our partners with great care, we are pleased to announce that a partnership agreement has been signed with Zain Saudi Arabia. We are in the process of pursuing joint sales opportunities for some products, services and solutions provided by both parties. Zain plans to expand its range of services by selling Andromeda’s services to its customers and conducting pre-sales activities to develop the business jointly in order to design, launch, provide and sell services to Zain Saudi Arabia’s customers. Andromeda also carries out marketing. And selling products and services provided by Zain to its customers. This agreement aims to enhance the quality of services provided and expand the customer base.

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Media Department