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Cloud solution for Health Care

AndroHealth is an integrated digital medical system serving medical facilities, Including primary care centres, medical complexes and hospitals, To improve the experience of beneficiaries and health practitioners through connectivity, integration and ease of access to the service, In addition to the scalability and readiness to link with health and service platforms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Increase productivity and performance

Aims to transform the way healthcare practitioners manage data, administrative tasks and medical procedures. Taking both patients and health providing an efficient and user-friendly experience.

What makes AndroHealth different?

  • Track the patient’s journey with detailed records from registration until discharge.
  • Ease of conducting financial transactions with the billing system, automated claims management, and obtaining detailed and accurate reports.
  • Reduce wait times and thus improve patient experience using appointment scheduling tools.
  • Analyze real-time data by monitoring hospital procedures and tracking patient conditions, And get an accurate view of what’s going on with interactive dashboards.
  • Secure data management through secure encryption, which ensures the protection and confidentiality of patient data.
  • Integration with pharmacies, laboratories and radiology departments.
  • Laboratory results and x-ray reports are attached to the medical file.
  • Customize workflows to fit business needs.
  • Screens can be tailored to your specific needs, Allowing you to have a user interface that suits your hospital’s needs.
  • Report design is customizable, which enables the facility to design reports according to its needs for each department, department, or user.
  • It enables doctors to make decisions based on the data and information recorded by the patient.
  • Linking with any ERP program used by the facility to exchange financial data and information smoothly, securely and effectively.
  • Provides doctors with quick and easy access to all patient information from his or her medical record, prescribed medications, medical results, and upcoming dates, All in a simple and easy to use interface.
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