What is BQ?

An advanced online auction platform

It is an auction platform that provides many options for sellers to display their products, communicate with those interested, and preserve the rights of all parties until the completion of the sale process.

Our Vision

Develop online platform that serves as a technical alternative to the traditional auction, and enables sellers to list their products online, allowing everyone the ability to participate in auctions to support equal opportunities among members of society, and move forward towards achieving the Kingdom’s 2030 vision for digital transformation.

Our Mission

We strive to achieve lasting success and to be the first choice for those interested in auctions to display or purchase their products online by providing all the safe and different options that will facilitate the display and purchase process.

Our values

The values we embrace are derived from the vision and mission that should be adhered to and practiced by the platform’s management and clients.
  • The administration also seeks to adhere to the core values of the platform, which include:
    • Team spirit: We work together as one work team according to open channels of communication, trust and mutual respect
    • Empowerment and Accountability: We empower our people to take full responsibility for all the decisions and actions we make and take ownership of everything we do. We fulfill our obligations and promises with others.
    • customers satisfaction: A main goal around which all the efforts of our employees revolve and a measure of our ability to continue success.
    • Quality: We are committed to the concept of comprehensive quality in all our work and services to achieve added value for our customers and shareholders.
    • Honesty: All company employees are personally responsible for adopting the highest standards of professional conduct, including honesty, Justice and commitment.
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