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Safe Telehealth

Providing the latest ways to connect health devices to track vital signs and wearable devices such as smart watches for fitness goals and chronic diseases. Your healthcare provider can monitor your health condition remotely and provide timely consultation for you.

Services we provide

Aims to transform the way healthcare practitioners manage data, administrative tasks and medical procedures. Taking into account both patients and health practitioners, providing an efficient and user-friendly experience.
Telehealth consultations
We allow patients to communicate with doctors through technical means, without the need for personal attendance, as this service saves time and effort and helps in reaching diagnosis and treatment quickly and effectively.
Electronic prescriptions
Allowed doctors to issue digital prescriptions instead of paper ones, and patients can access them through the application at any time, as it facilitates the process of obtaining medications and increases the accuracy of prescribing.
Answers to medical questions
The application provides accurate and reliable medical information service for patients, where your inquiries are answered by specialists in the medical field, with an emphasis on accuracy and credibility.
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